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PTA panel tackles digital citizenship (slideshow)

I was honored to be on a panel at the National PTA Conference in Austin, Texas focusing on digital citizenship (scroll down for a description and list of fellow panelists).

Panelists explored both the meaning of digital citizenship and strategies for educating students and parents on how to navigate 21st century technology productively and safely. While cognizant of challenges, each speaker emphasized the incredible value of technology at school and at home, stressing the importance of access while reflecting on how parents and kids can put thought into how they present themselves in a digital environment.

The panel was sponsored by Lifelock, which is helping support the PTA’s efforts in this area. is working with the PTA on digital citizenship, Safer Internet Day and the One Good Thing campaign. 

Here’s my KCBS radio segment about the panel.

Below is my PowerPoint that covers the evolution of online safety, some thoughts on risk and protection, my definition of digital citizenship (which includes rights) and a bit about and the work we’re doing.

PTA’s description of session

When students do homework on their tablet or computer or network with friends, how do we ensure they are creating a thumbprint of their digital self that will positively affect their present and future? How do we establish screen time limits? How do we make sure that positive social media etiquette is as natural as looking both ways before crossing the street?

A panel of leading experts including National PTA, a leading online safety organization, and educators will lead a discussion about the best ways to engage with our kids to establish safe practical ways that students, parents and teachers can encourage simple and effective online habits that will carry through to adulthood.

Attendees will also learn ways to engage student leaders in bringing awareness to this issue, especially during celebrations like Digital Citizenship Week in October and Safer Internet Day in February.


  • Mary Pat King, Director of Programs & Partnerships, National PTA
  • Catherine Teitelbaum, Digital Safety Expert and Consultant for LifeLock
  • Larry Magid, Co-director,
  • Rebecca Levey, Co-founder,
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