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Avoiding social networking scams

by Larry Magid This post originally appeared in the San Jose Mercury News More and more people are using social networking sites, including, sadly, criminals seeking to take advantage of the rest of us. Threats on those sites include applications … Continue reading

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Predator Panic a risky distraction

by Larry Magid I’ve been an Internet safety advocate since 1993 and right now I’m discouraged and angry about what’s going on in this field. I’m angry because people who ought to know better are trying to mislead the public … Continue reading

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Net safety task force says predation risk exagerated

by Larry Magid A long awaited report from the Internet Safety Technical Task Force concludes that children and teens are less vulnerable to sexual predation than many have feared. The report also questions the efficacy and necessity of some commonly … Continue reading

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Guest commentary: Don’t stop the dialogue!

By Hemanshu Nigam It’s New Year’s Eve, and your teen is all decked out and ready for a big party. She’s got her iPhone, BlackBerry, or some other cell phone with a camera in her pocketbook. And she’s ready to … Continue reading

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